17 de junho de 2024 em TINO In English
3 mins

For the first time, Olympic athletes will be receive a prize

For the first time, athletes who win a gold medal in athletics events at the Paris Olympics — which will be held between July 26 and August 11 — will receive financial recognition from World Athletics, the international athletics federation. The entity will distribute to the winners 2.4 million dollars (12.3 million reais), approximately 50 […]

3 de junho de 2024 em TINO In English
8 mins

The biggest election in the world begins in India

Between April 19th and June 1st, around 970 million Indians will be able to choose the parliament representative responsible for defining who will be the country’s next prime minister. It is the biggest election in the world, with seven stages and lasting 44 days. With the largest population in the world, with approximately 1.428 billion […]

23 de maio de 2024 em TINO In English
4 mins

Get out, TikTok

At the end of april American President Joe Biden, sanctioned a bill approved by the country’s Congress which aimed to protect North-Americans from apps controlled by adversary nations, more specifically, China. With the approval, ByteDance, which owns TikTok, has nine months (time which can be extended to a year) to sell its operation to an […]

17 de maio de 2024 em TINO In English
7 mins

Why are Asian countries paying for their inhabitants to have more children?

Between 1970 and 2016, Chinese couples could only have one child. The reason behind the government’s measure was to control demographic growth. Now, the country is facing the opposite challenge: to encourage their population to have more children. This is because the birth rate has been falling year after year. According government numbers, China’s population […]

2 de maio de 2024 em TINO In English
5 mins

Our human development has worsened

Having money is not enough for a country to be considered developed. In addition to its wealth, a nation needs to ensure that there is equal distribution among its citizens and that everyone has access to a dignified life, which includes health, education and income. The indicator that measures the population’s quality of life is […]

25 de abril de 2024 em TINO In English
9 mins

For generation Z, life is (only) now

A car, one’s own house, an apartment by the beach… Dreams like these still make the eyes of those that are generation Z youngsters (born between 1997 and 2010) shine, but making those dreams come true can seem so unattainable that many choose to forget them — and settle for a pair of sneakers from […]

18 de abril de 2024 em TINO In English
15 mins

Primo Pobre wants to help you with your finances

Eduardo Feldberg had always wanted to be a successful YouTuber, but he believed that his dream would come true through music, which is his what he studied. Little did he know that an unpretentious video, in which he explained how to use amortization to pay off a 30-year loan in just five years, would go […]

5 de abril de 2024 em TINO In English
10 mins

Where does the Bitcoin come from

Bitcoin was the most profitable investment of 2023, according to a survey by Economatica, specialized in financial information. The cryptocurrency’s appreciation was 124% in the year, against 17.5% for second place with the Ibovespa. The price of bitcoin was 196,269.42 reais on January 25, 2024. In other words, to have a bitcoin you had to […]

28 de março de 2024 em TINO In English
8 mins

Trademarks and their owners

On one side Nathalia Rodrigues, known as Nath Finanças, and her thousands of followers. On the other, Nathalia Arcuri, her brand Me Poupe! and her millions of fans. Between the two, a name in common and the dispute over trademark registrations with the word “Nath”. Both are finance influencers: Arcuri started with Me Poupe! in […]