29 de fevereiro de 2024 em TINO In English
2 mins

Apple beats Samsung in the number of smartphones sold

After 12 years of South Korean reign, Apple surpassed Samsung in the production of smartphones in 2023. According to data from consultancy IDC, Apple produced 234.6 million devices, against 226.6 million produced by Samsung. Last year was better for Apple than for its competitors. The survey shows that 2023 was the worst year in the […]

22 de fevereiro de 2024 em TINO In English
5 mins

In an open letter, the super-rich ask – again- to pay more tax

The Brazilian João Paulo Pacífico, CEO of impact investments at Grupo Gaia; Valerie Rockefeller, heiress to the North American oil dynasty; actor Brian Cox; and Abigail Disney, heiress to the Disney group, have two things in common: the many digits in their bank account and the desire to pay more tax. With the aim of […]

16 de fevereiro de 2024 em TINO In English
5 mins

Government launches savings account for low-income high school students

With the aim of reducing the number of students that drop out of school, the federal government released, on November 28, a Provisional Measure (MP) that creates a savings account to encourage low-income high school students to stay at school and complete their education. “We lose thousands of young people during high school who drop […]

18 de janeiro de 2024 em TINO In English
8 mins

Barbie is one of the one hundred most powerful women in the world

The Barbie doll, a success since 1959, gained even more prominence in 2023, with the release of the film directed by Greta Gerwig. The success of the movie took the character to Forbes magazine’s list of the one hundred most powerful women in the world. The ranking, released on December 6th, placed Barbie in the […]

15 de janeiro de 2024 em TINO In English
5 mins

Why are less companies going to the stock market

Over the last two years, no new company has debuted on the Brazilian stock exchange. It is the longest period without an initial public offering (IPO) in 25 years.  And according to a report by the Valor Econômico, this shortage of companies on the stock exchange is expected to last at least until the end […]

21 de dezembro de 2023 em TINO In English
5 mins

The businesses that make money with the heat

Some of the sectors of the economy celebrate when temperatures rise. During these days when temperatures surpass 30 degrees in the majority of Brazil, there are businesses which already begin to see an increase in sales. One of these is the electric sector, which celebrates the increase in the consumption of electricity due to the […]

7 de dezembro de 2023 em TINO In English
4 mins

Requests for judicial recovery spike between July and September

The number of companies that filed for judicial recovery broke the current record in the third trimester (July/August/September). According to a survey carried out by Serasa Experian, in this period, 134 companies filed for judicial recovery, a number that represents 40% of all processes initiated in 2023. Between January and September, 966 companies filed for […]

23 de novembro de 2023 em TINO In English
10 mins

Happy Birthday to you, ChatGPT!

One year ago, everyone was beginning to come into contact with a technology that was already present in their daily routine, even if only discretely: artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT, responsible for revolutionizing the way we interact with AI and its innovations, celebrates its first birthday on November 30th 2023. With ChatGPT, AI went from having a […]