Brazil to host the next FIFA Women’s World Cup

Based on the impact of the 2023 World Cup, the expectation is for the event to generate 1,5 billion reais in Brazil
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After receiving 119 votes, Brazil will host the next edition of the Women’s Football World Cup, in 2027. The country is the first in South America to hold the sports event. The decision was announced during the 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. In an unprecedented way, the choice was made through an open vote. The joint candidacy of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands received 78 votes.

The 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place between the 24th June and 25th July 2027, with the opening and closing ceremony taking place in the Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. The 64 games will take place spread throughout ten Brazilian cities. 

The competition is experiencing growth in attendance, number of participating teams and sponsorship — all quotas for the 2023 World Cup, held jointly in Australia and New Zealand, have been sold. Around 2 million people were in the stadiums and 2 billion people watched the matches remotely, making the edition the biggest Women’s World Cup in history.

Based on the success and the 1.32 billion Australian dollars (around 4.5 billion reais) generated at the event in 2023, experts expect a strong impact on the Brazilian economy in 2027. According to the website Inteligência Financeira, the expectation is that the event will generate 1.5 billion reais. The values ​​should be officially projected soon.

Australia invested 398 million Australian dollars (1.3 billion reais) to carry out the event and receive over 90 thousand tourists. One of the legacies of the competition was the incentive it gave to the population to carryout physical activities, which led to an economy of 324 million Australian dollars (1.1 billion reais) in healthcare costs.  

Brazil will not invest in new stadiums, seen as it will use the arenas built for the Men’s FIFA World Cup, carried out in 2014. The infrastructure was a differential for choosing the host country, according to FIFA.

Sources: Fifa, Museu do Futebol, Inteligência Financeira and Lance!

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