TikTok: 32% of users search for content on finances

Research shows that 71% of those interviewed see the social network as a space for learning
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Opinion Box, a company specialized in digital solutions for market research, published, in April, a study that presents the profile and behavior of TikTok users in Brazil.

Around 1.500 people with an active profile on the social network were interviewed, the majority, representing 44% of the total, with ages between 30 and 49, 31% with ages ranging from 18 to 29 and 25% in the over 50s age group. Women are majority on the network, with 53%.

Asked about their consumption habits, 42% of those interviewed stated that they followed the News via the social network, but the greatest interest (60%) was in humor-based content.

Around 40% of those that took part in the research state that they use TikTok to find out new things and 32% to keep themselves well informed. For 71%, it is also a means of learning.

Amongst user preferences, 32% follow and have as favorite profiles those that talk about finances. The top of the list is occupied by accounts dealing in humor, with 59%.

Contrary to the idea that the social network is only for learning new dances and having fun with amusing content, 47% believe that TikTok is an opportunity to make professional contacts.

Apart from the contacts, the network can be a sales channel: 52% of users would like brands to be more present on the network and 28% have already bought products and services due to an advertisement seen when scrolling up or down the app. 

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