The news is: fashion retail in Brazil is among the most expensive in the world

The price of clothing from stores like Zara and Shein is higher in Brazil than in the United States, according to a report
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Zara Index

Created by BTG Pactual to compare markets, the Zara Index measures the price of clothes sold in several countries. The bank looks at the prices of 12 Zara products, in 54 locations. In addition, it evaluates the prices of other brands — for these, eight items are researched. The price applied in the United States is used as the basis for comparison.

Source: Estadão.

Brazil among the most expensive

The Zara 2024 Index shows that Brazil is among the six most expensive countries to buy clothes in the world. The price of Zara items in Brazilian stores is 3% higher than in North American stores. In 2023, the difference was 1%. Switzerland is the most expensive nation, with prices 19% higher than those in the United States.

Source: UOL.

And what about Shein, huh?!

Considered by Brazilians to be one of the most affordable alternatives, Shein is also more expensive in Brazil, due to Brazilian taxes. According to the index, the price of clothes on the Chinese platform is 70% higher here than in the US. Still, the company has prices 28% cheaper than stores like Renner, Riachuelo and C&A.

Source: Isto é Dinheiro.

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