One step away from the financial market

Academic leagues bring together students interested in economics and finance and within the universities offer the know-how and preparation for the stock market
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Impactus team, UFRJ´s financial league

Lectures, events, classes, visits and a direct relationship with the financial market are amongst the activities that the financial market academic leagues offer at the main universities in Brazil. They work as a complementary activity, transferring theory into practice. The aim is to prepare students for the market with knowledge that goes beyond the traditional.

“At the University we have the academic aspect, and the league brings the market side”, states Gustavo Bagio, department director at Impactus, the league of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

All the structure of the league is managed by students, right from the organization of the events to the selection process of the members and the direct contact with the market.

Members of FEA

“We want to give back to the entity what it has given us. We have already received a lot, now it is our turn to pay back by developing new members”, states Manueli Garcia, director of partnerships of the league of the School of Economics, Business and Accounting of the University of São Paulo (FEA-USP).

How to participate

FEA´s league was created in 2007 and is considered the first in the Brazilian financial market. Over 500 professionals who today are working in financial institutions have passed through the league. Currently, the group has 50 active members, divided between the board, coordinators, members and trainees, in addition to an alumni network (former members who return to train new students).

In Rio there is Impactus, the financial market league of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Considered the largest league in this sector in the state, it is made up of 40 members, more than 150 alumni and 300 impacted students.

To become a member, students go through a selection process. At UFRJ, those approved can remain in the league until they graduate. In FEA, there is a two-year term.

What they do

Leagues promote meetings such as lectures and debates with big names from the financial market so that students can learn from those who work in the sector and get closer to the opportunities offered by companies. There are also classes and talks with former members in order to inspire the novices and visits to banks to get a closer look at the routine in the sector. “It is very good to meet professionals who have already been a part of the league in the places we visit”, says Manueli Garcia.

Apart from this, they take part in competitions promoted by the institutions. FEA´s league and Impactus are amongst the leagues with the most prizes in the country.  

The league’s management
Impactus also offers a structure that simulates a financial management company, that is, a company that invests in the stock market.  The members are divided in to five areas (three financial and two outside the financial areas) and have a routine similar to that of companies, with the analysis of markets and businesses and the publication of recommendations on social networks. “We have our own fictitious fund, where we operate with fake money. We take this work very seriously, the documents we post, the thesis… We are 100% responsible for the results”, states Victor Sobrosa, Impactus´ President.
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