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Brazil’s GDP up 1.9% in the first quarter

The result was largely driven by agribusiness, which grew 21.6% compared to the previous quarter
25 de julho de 2023 em TINO In English
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The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the sum of all the products and services produced by a country. Published every three months, it is the measurement used internationally to evaluate the size of national economies and their growth. The bigger the GDP, the stronger the economy.  

In June, Brazil published the results referring to the months of January, February and March 2023. The Brazilian economy totaled BRL 2.6 trillion in the period, meaning a growth of 1.9% compared to the previous quarter.

The increase was largely driven by agribusiness, which grew 21.6% in the last quarter. Industry, however, had a 0.1% drop and family consumption (total spent by the population) saw a deceleration, that is, grew less than in the previous period.

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