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Barbie: a pink trend around the world

With the release of the new film, exhibitions, games, food, clothing and accessories, the Barbie doll resumes its success and causes the movement of high values
17 de agosto de 2023 em TINO In English

On July 20, Barbie comes to life in a new movie. Celebrating 64 years since the doll was launched, Mattel, the toy’s creator, celebrates the success and expansion of its products and services for all ages and all around the world.

The story of the pink world of the doll recognized by her blonde hair began in 1959. Since then, she has reinvented herself and accompanied the evolution of the real world. Barbie expanded the color palette of her closet, gained new hair styles, skin color, chose the most varied professions, from astronaut to yoga teacher, to show her fans that she can become whatever she wants – and so can they.

In addition to professions, Barbie got a house, a car, a plane, cartoons and now a movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who interpret Barbie and Ken’s journey beyond the walls of Barbie Land. The story has mobilized people right from those who followed the birth of the doll, in 1959, to children who are getting their first Barbie.

A successful film even before the premiere

Barbie premieres in Brazil on July 20, but the film has already become the most sought after and commercialized in pre-sales this year. According to data from Ingresso.com, one of the largest ticket sales sites in the country, the purchase of tickets in advance exceeded expectations by 166%.

While it is in the cinema, Mattel hopes to make more than 400 million dollars (about 1.922 billion reais).

In the United States, experts had access to the film during pre-launch and highlighted the quality of the production. With the positive reviews, there are those who are betting on an Oscar nomination.

Belief in the success of the film was reflected in the salaries of the main characters. Margot and Ryan received 12.5 million dollars each (59.9 million reais) to star in the production, according to Variety.

A pink world

To build the Barbie Land universe, the film’s production bought all the stock of pink paint of the Rosco brand, responsible for supplying the color used on set. The large purchase compromised the company’s logistics, leading to scarcity in shops.

Following the trend

You just have to leave the house to see that the color of the film is increasingly present in the real world. Shops, toys, food, makeup, games, accessories and even an exhibition that reproduces Barbie’s house are available to fans.

Aware of the doll’s success brands have taken the opportunity to follow the trend and profit from it.

C&A, Renner, Riachuelo, Ipanema and Zara have partnered with Mattel to launch clothing and toy collections related to the movie and the doll.

In the international market, Xbox, NYX, Forever 21 and GAP are some of the brands associated with Barbie.

In Malibu, in the United States, Airbnb, a house rental platform, set up a Barbie house, known as DreamHouse, for fans to rent. A night in the pink world costs 52 dollars per person (250 reais).

In Brazil, Barbie’s house became an exhibition: Barbie Dreamhouse The Experience reproduces different rooms in the doll’s house in 650 m2, inside the JK Iguatemi Shopping Mall, in São Paulo. Tickets range from 25 to 70 reais. All dates up until early August are sold out.

Food has also received new colors to accompany this success. Burger King is betting on a pink mustard and a pink milkshake, in a complete combo for Barbie fans. In tune, cinemas launched combos with pink popcorn and pink popcorn buckets for those who are going to watch the film.

Taking the color to the virtual world, Google did not stay behind and the page has a pink tone every time someone types terms like “Barbie movie”, “Margot Robbie” or simply “Barbie”.

So many Barbie partnerships and licensing deals could see Mattel grow revenue beyond the film’s box office earnings.

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